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About Us


The Unit is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all foreign students` affairs and collaborative links that involve student and staff exchange and development of agreements between MUHAS AND external research and training institutions.

The functions of the ERU include the following:

  • Coordination of MUHAS student exchange programs
  • Coordination of related institutional students’ link programs
  • Initiation and facilitation of development of joint activities between MUHAS and collaborating institutions
  • Facilitation, development and coordination of Memoranda of Understanding and contracts with higher learning and research institutions for collaborative students’ projects and exchange programs
  • Development and updating information on the University web page on links and exchange programs
  • Publicizing new and existing University degree programs to individual external potential applicants and institutions
  • Creation of information tools, advertising and providing general information on the available exchange programs and electives at MUHAS
  • Provision of information on admission requirements for exchange programs and electives depending on the requested programs
  • Provision of information on accommodation arrangements including available hostels and other rental facilities
  • Coordination of arrival of foreign students and supervisors
  • Coordination of orientation for exchange students
  • Processing of student passes, visas and resident permits
  • Facilitation of elective studies course selection through respective departments/ schools/ institutes
  • Arrangement of excursion and cultural exposure activities during elective period or undergraduate/postgraduate studies for international students
  • Provision of social support to elective students

The functions of the Administrative Committee of the Convocation include the following:

  1. To establish and handle corresponcess of mutually beneficial relationship between the MUHAS and her alumni so as to promote the welfare of the University.
  2. To organise forums to the members of Convocation for the furtherance of the objectives and functions of the University.
  3. To organise meetings and discuss any matter within the sphere of competence of the University and transmit any resolution arising from such discussions to the University governing authorities or to appropriate Government authorities as the case may be.
  4. To foster a strong relationship between the University and the entire Tanzanian society and to maintain a dialogue with the Government on Tanzania’s social, economic and other problems for purposes of promoting development in the country.  This can be done through such means as:-
  5. Organising and holding social events; biennial colloquia, seminars or symposia that would involve dialogue and discussion about the social problems facing the Tanzanian society’.
  6. Organising meetings such as Annual General Meeting, held one day each year before the Graduation Ceremony at the University.
  • Organising guest speakers for lectures and discussions that challenge the existing societal structures, and performance , for the purpose of stimulating and encouraging increased efficiency and productivity in society.
  1. To build a database of members of the Convocation in order to enhance communication and information dissemination between the University and its former students and staff by collecting and storing the current and up-to-date information about the university alumni and past MUHAS teaching staff. To this effect the office can publish newsletters, journals, brochures and pamphlets; create a Convocation information centre and a website for electronic dissemination.
  2.  To process and file documents by ensuring that each document received is properly processed and filed. This can include word processing, typing, editing or formatting documents in an organized fashion.
  3. To monitor office Supplies by being in-charged of office supplies available in their office, as well as ordering replacement as necessary. This can involve taking inventory, keeping records of supplies purchased and purchasing new supplies.
  4. To mobilize funds for the development of the Convocation by means of:-
  5. Raising funds through sales of publications and other items.
  6. Approaching organizations and other supporters for donations and/or sponsorship.
  • Fundraising through membership fees
  • Assisting appropriate convocation committee in organising contacts with potential sponsors and funders for different Convocation activities
  1. To organize and announce, through news media, newsprint, the internet and any other means, all activities and events to be conducted by the University in order to solicit input, contributions or advice by members of the Convocation.
  2. To support the University’s core mission including teaching, research and consultancy.
  3. To organise awards and prizes to recognized Alumni who have made significant achievements and/or contribution to their profession, community or University.

Create in the alumni, a sense of responsibility, obligation and accountability towards the community and especially towards the University.

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